The Foam Alaia 


The source of my inspiration was the recent work and investigation of inspirational Tom Wegener, who researched and re-developed the Hawaiian ancient roots of surfing using Alaias.

It would seem in today’s world finless surfing is now becoming a reality, were lots of people are embracing this new way of surfing. One of the main characteristics of this craft is that it is safest to ride as it is a finless board, so less susceptible to hazards.

What addicted me to riding them and pushing the design of “foam” alaia was it’s frictionless trim is intoxicating and the notion of speed was just staggering.

The traditional Alaias have problems for sure, they couldn’t handle a steep face or chop, and they were difficult to catch a wave on and exhausting to paddle. However the foam based Alaia is easy to paddle and catch waves so much easier then the traditional Alaia. These little beauties are super fun and safe for all ages, also an excellent way of learning how to surf and draw surf lines.

A combination of the gentle curves, hard rails allows the board to hold well, while the soft rail running from the centre board allows her to turn with ease into the wave face making it a whole new experience and new learning curve.

Although the rocker profile on an Alaia looks very flat, I have given mine a slight nose rocker to help make that drop and by adding a little displaced hull has allowed it to catch waves without nose diving or pearling like some other foam ones I’ve tried.


  1. Displaced hull nose!

  2. Wide squash tail with a deep single channel

  3. Sharp rail with huge channel for bite


4’10 x 18 x 2 1/2 and goes up to 6’9 x 19 x 2/3