The Artists

Originally eCtic Concepts was set up for me to show my artwork and a way for me to change the boards I was riding without having to see a shaper. As luck would have it, this lead me into becoming a shaper of bespoke boards many people knew nothing about and that would quickly gather me a following of people through word of mouth and internet media.

As a lover of artwork myself and ex student of Rotherham College of Art and Technology, I know how hard it is to become a known artist. The art we are adding to these boards are all up and coming new artists who’s art we enjoy and want to share with you guys too. What I am trying to achieve with EC is to create a unique canvas for the artists of today to be seen

We are hoping it will give them something new and exciting to add to their portfolio and guide them into something they enjoy doing and give them a head start in a hard to get noticed industry.

The artists I am currently working with are people who I have become friends with over a duration of time the friendships have developed into a collaboration of surfboard artwork.  Now I want to expand what we have done and help new artists gain exposure.

Please take some time and have a good look through all the art work as ALL pieces of work can be added to your board and please remember doing this you are not only creating a one of a kind board to ride, but you are keeping the artist and art industry alive.