The Asymmetric

After being inspired by Asymmetrical boards for so long now I thought about setting up an asymmetrical style Simmons.

After a good long hard think about it I came up with a concept of my own I feel would work quite well & be fun as a board good for playful right handers & fast hollower lefts like we have at Porthtowan beach here in Cornwall.

I also wanted to add a little more of a twist to this board by adding not just a step in the nose but more of a scoop out to make her super lite & easier to turn for more radical maneuverability.

The three fins work super good on good solid sucky walling up waves and the single keel side fin allows super easy turning when away from the wave to cut back.

A true master piece and SO much fun to ride... If you are bored of the same old stuff, this is a must.


  1. Under the front foot shes a fatty, so lots of float under you when paddling for a wave.

  2. Beautiful hulled nose so she glides over those lumps and bumps like a hot knife through butter.

  3. A deep channel one sided channel I have called 'the half scoop' to work as a simmons on the hollow lefts so she dont go getting sucked back into the pit and thrown which allows maximum water between the fins for bite and drive.

  4. 50/50 rails on both side of the board, although the rail on the over hanging rail the tail has a shaper rail which runs further up the board than the Simmons side for bite in those bigger more walling up rights on this board shown.


4’10 x 21 x 2 5/8 to 6’0 x 23 x 3 - for the bigger chap!