Darth Vadar

Here is another one of my super wide tail boards with a little bit of a double trouble concave running through the tail . . . Even though she is not as pulled in at the tail like the Micro Freak, this board I shaped aimed more towards a traditional bodyboarding. The Darth Vadar still has a lot to offer like the over abundance of bite, slight hull, concave and a define line running around the board for bite which makes her more forgiving in the drop and has little bounce. She has that funky looking catamaran nose with allows he control on the nose if you go reverse. Its not just for looks :D

The 4 way channels creates maximum release and really works that sharp rail in the tail. By adding the Vektor fin system will help push water back between the concave increasing even more hold.

Another true weapon for all styles of waves worldwide



  1. Darth Vadar like shaped outline

  2. Very flat deck

  3. Displaced hull nose

  4. Low tail rocker

  5. Sharp tail edge for response on turns


42 x 21 x 2 1/4 to whatever you want her to be