The Flying V

As it is named, a total Flyin V. . . Like all those bands out there that play them a TOTAL STAR!!!

Sharpened rail gives her ultimate hold and those deep cuts when you put her on a rail she just wants to throw buckets and buckets of water... Super sharp on her turns and cuts through the wave live a hot knife through butter.

The board comes as a quad, but can also can be set up as a twin fin with the back fins set within that cut for a beautiful springy take off giving maximum speed on take offs. If you think my boards are quick you aint seen nothing yet guys!

Recommended for gutless to well overhead surf - Like all boards the super flat entry and exit rocker insures speed through even the flattest sections where most struggle. The full, forgiving rail maximizes flotation allowing for smooth turns without losing speed.

Reason behind it:


Traditional Simmons are know for a skatey slidey feel, I wanted to design something that glided the same as a Simmons but sharper and more responsive on its turn.

My DW designed Hull creates it to flow in it’s turns and does not bite the rail like other Simmons!

God’s honest SO much fun. . . :)


Characteristics :


  1. Diamond nose!

  2. Chiseled V shaped tail

  3. Displaced hull nose

  4. Rolled rail for easy turn


Ive been doing these starting at just 42 inches x 21 x 2 5/8 but they can run to 6’0 x 23 x 3 - for the bigger chap! Too big its WAY too much board to turn due the the width.