The Freakoid

As it is named, a total out of the deep blue sea freak of nature but God does she fly… This little Gem carves beautifully, allowing her to do big drawn out turns, snaps at the lip as well as pulling herself back inline like a more traditional short board… However! She does have an advantage on traditional shortboards… She generates WAY more speed, paddles into the wave WAY out back like a longboard and air her, she gets more air than a Tornado F3.

The board comes as a quad, but can also can be set up as a twin fin. Those who have dared test this board have all fallen in love with this little mix of madness.

Recommended for gutless to well overhead surf - the super flat entry and exit rocker insures speed through even the flattest sections where most struggle. The full, forgiving rail maximizes flotation allowing for smooth turns without losing speed.

Reason behind it:


Traditional Simmons are know for a skatey slidey, feel but I wanted to design something that glided the same as a Simmons but sharper and more responsive on its turn.

By sharpening up the rail and adding the cut away in the tail I designed allowed me to get more bite in the turns while the channel planed through from your front foot allows her to push water through between the fins giving her even more bit and drive and the reason I believe designing her in 2008 a few have copied her . . .

My DW designed Hull creates it to flow in it’s turns and does not bite the rail like other Simmons!

God’s honest truth and God as my witness!!! She truly is a weapon as photo below shows :)

Characteristics :


  1. Diamond nose!

  2. Chiseled tail with a raised single concave

  3. Displaced hull nose

  4. Rolled rail for easy turn


Ive been doing these starting at just 42 inches x 21 x 2 5/8 but they can run to 6’0 x 23 x 3 - for the bigger chap! Too big its WAY too much board to turn due the the width.