This is my take on a new traditional style shortboard which I designed around picking up waves super easy . . . The KMA is built around drive, release and deep angled turns that allows her to carve at ease. All this comes from the deep double concaves that run through her into a tiny vee just leading off the back centre plug.

This board truly does generate more speed than any shortboard I have ever ridden and those who have tried her all have agree. . . And you know what!!! Boy does she go . . .

The board comes as a five fin allowing you to play with as many different fin set ups as you want.  Although the boards was originally designed as a quad, but due to wanting to give this board as much grip and drive as I could I decided to change her into a five fin.

Adding the centre fin was all down to me wanting to create a multi-fin board that would travel well and offer the surfer a little variety. I believed as a three fin board she would still be as much fun as she is as a quad and worked out well as photos bottom of this page show.  We don’t finish there as she can also be used as a twin fin with a deep MR-TFX set at the front with a small knubster as a trailing centre fin making the board nice and loose in turn, but has the drive still created by the single to double concave.

Recommended for gutless to over head high surf - the super flat entry and exit rocker insures speed through even the flattest sections and paddles into waves so much easier.  The full, forgiving rail maximizes flotation allowing for smooth turns without losing speed.

Characteristics :

  1. Low Rocker!

  2. Super full tail 

  3. Single to double to vee.



5’0 x 19 x 2 1/4 to 6’2 x 22 x 2 3/3

A board that will truly fly in anything . . . From one foot of slop to an overhead drop this board LOVES whatever you’ll put her through and creates you so much fun.

Photo’d Surfer: Henry MC surfing assorted beaches around Hawaii.