Micro Freak

After years and years it been in my minds eye now is the time is finally right to reveal my new concept.

Its been in my thoughts since starting to make the mini Simmons back in 2007 where I crossover these two boards and was only a matter of time when I would return to it.

After spending some time recently in Hawaii shaping and testing my product I started creating an interest around the islands of my boards. Over the eight months I spent in Hawaii, I was lucky enough to become friends some great watermen such as: Shane Lono of Science Bodyboards, David Kelly, SinJin Bradley, Rob Keyser and my new friend Ryan Arakawa of Vektor fins who within my time on these beautiful Islands would inspire me.

After surfing and watching how these guys ride I knew exactly what would need to be done for this new style of board to work. This board although good for Prone surfing would turn out PERFECT for stand-up as well as drop knee Surfing.


The reasons behind it is that traditional Simmons are know for a skatey / slidey feel. This I love but I always felt the need to create something new and exciting that will push the boundaries that have now gave this design the feel of a traditional “Shortboard”. I wanted to design something that glided the same as the traditional Simmons, but hold a vast amount of hold.

This almost bizarre looking board has proven to work in some controversial conditions from deep steep drops with a sucky hollow barrels to follow to mellow cruise style South Shore waves. The dropped channels I’ve added has given this board a lot more hold than the previous boards I had played with. It has also given her a responsiveness that I love and all that have tried her. . . With her futuristic space craft look this board is a beast and a thing of the future.

The slightly pulled in tail different to traditional bodyboard has allowed more bite in its turns and the hull will allow for ease of 360 degree turns and less bounce. 

My idea of a dropped channel will create more bite and with the added Vektor fin system Ryan Arakawa has designed will help push water back between the concave increasing the bite for the board.

The hull is forgiving in steep drops and it creates less bounce unlike traditional bodyboards!

God’s honest truth and God as my witness!!! She truly is a weapon for all styles of waves from a big sucky Makapuu / Sandy’s to mellow fast sand bars we get in and around Europe :)

No1 of the Micro Ma-Sea-n’s



  1. Flat nose softly tapering off into a sort rail!

  2. Chiseled tail with a raised single concave rails

  3. Displaced hull nose

  4. Low rocker

  5. Rolled rail for easy turn

  6. Sharp tail edge for response on turns


41.5 x 21 x 2 1/4 to 52 23 x 2 3/4 - for the bigger chap!