The Physh

The Physh is a very chunky foamed twin-fin, which has its fins situated at the very back of the board to give her the total Mini Simmon is s experience. This board too due to the widened body catches waves after wave with ease.

The secret to its success is in its design... The most obvious is the width, its chunky 'S deck' and not forgetting its unique deck / chest concave design. This gives the board a huge buoyancy advantage over traditional fish boards, but due to its size the board is easy to maneuver, throw around and gives her a high performance feel.

The overall wider template, low entry rocker and a single concave makes this Phish a greedy little wave magnet.

Magic in the knee high, weak waves but yet still highly effective in punchy head high sets catering for your bigger wave days. Definitely a true all rounder fish surfboard with a difference.


Displaced hull nose!

Wide squash tail with a deep single channel

Rolled rail for easy turn


4’10 x 21 x 2 3/4 and goes up to 6’0 x 23 x 3