Sede Vacante

The Sede Vacante is another board inspired by the Mini Simmons but I wanted to make a board which was fat like a Simmons, but have a shortboard feel to it. Originally I designed this board to be a single fin, but over time she has become a tri fin after a few tweaks as I knew it would work well but in saying that I still use as a single and she is super fun.

The board has the plaining speed of a Mini-Simmons, but with more directional control because of the small trailing fin and the two side fins. Due to these fins being placed forwards like a traditional short board it creates the the board to have more of a shortboard feel to it and designed for its long drawn out turns.

This Sede Vacante is extremely versatile and can be ridden shorter than a contemporary thruster due to the litres of foam she holds through-out.

Even though this is a tri-fin board, it has evolved from a Simmons like all the boards I do

Another board with far more planning and paddling speed than your typical shortboard allowing more waves to be had due to that foam.

Fun fast and a proper head turner… Foam is your friend!



Displaced hull nose!

Wide tail pulling into a rounded pinwith a single concave running from your front foot

Rolled rail for easy turn


5’0 x 22 x 2 1/2 to 6’6 x 23 x 3 for the bigger chap!